Autistic Children Using i-Pads

Autistic Children Using the i-Pad—An English 1A Student’s Research Paper

My English 1A class has the lofty goal of using the digital medium to encourage written reflection (in the form of traditional composition) on the digital and print media.  This work proceeds glacially. I am interested in both visual communication and Internet culture in general, but have not yet figured out how to thoroughly combine these interests with teaching writing.

Lucy Thrupp, an inventive student in my spring 2012 class (who has been taking Child Development classes), wrote a research paper about the use that autistic children are making of the i-Pad’s visual and tactile qualities.  Lucy’s work exemplifies what I want to see: genuine exploration of the potentials and limitations of the digital medium, especially the visual.  Thank you Lucy!

To see her paper, click on “Autistic” title beneath the “header” visual, the unfinished mosaic at the top of the blog page.

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