My name is Jeff Goldthorpe.

This blog will consist of reflective writing about teaching, mostly about media literacy teaching, and is aimed at peers who are doing similar teaching and reflection. Now that the school I work at is threatened with loss of accreditation for no good reason, I will also be writing about some vague interface between institutional politics and the lives lived in one institution.

Teaching who, what and where?  I teach reading and composition, mostly to young adults at City College of San Francisco, sometimes in college level classes, but usually at the pre-college level. None of the courses I teach are titled “media literacy.”  Critical thinking and academic writing are the skills I have to teach, and media literacy is often the theme I choose to teach (this division oversimplifies, but…).

What are the purposes of this blog?  For my two decades of teaching, media literacy, and especially visual iconography, have been my consistent interest, but this interest is seen as an esoteric, marginal specialty. My collaborators are in various fields, and sometimes understand only one little patch of my work, not the whole fabric. In my most recent survey of people and organizations working on digital literacy, I found that fragmentation still rules, especially in the case of community college educators. I am looking for exchange and contact with other teachers, so that when I meet you in the future, we will already know something of each other, and can more easily talk and work together.  I am looking to arrange the fragments in a more meaningful way.

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