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Totally Un-Real Man!!

City College is an enormous multi-campus community college (100,000 students in the past, 60,000 now) that is slated to lose its accreditation about four months from now.  Its essentially sitting on academic death row, yet unlike a convicted murderer, it … Continue reading

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This Blog Has Been Hijacked!

Written 1/25/14 Despite a blog post last October, the return of my muse was exceedingly brief, and its absence has weighed on me. Why have I been unable to gather my energy to write?  A hard teaching semester?  Too much … Continue reading

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Missing Students Go Missing at CCSF

This gallery contains 35 photos.

I’ve been doing an inventory this spring of the “Missing Student” statues and “Student Success Story” statues for City College of San Francisco’s Works of Art Committee (see my November 2012 posting for background on the statues). Leslie Smith, the … Continue reading

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Executioner’s Song

This last Wednesday July 3, after teaching my summer class, I was cleaning up my office, readying myself to head out into gridlocked traffic (the BART strike ongoing). Just then, on the afternoon of a holiday weekend, our Interim Chancellor … Continue reading

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The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Written 1/19/13 revised 3/24/13 Beginning a semester again at City College of San Francisco is like falling into a time warp: the eternal semester that is, has been,  and always will be.  Somewhere in the middle of the first week’s … Continue reading

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