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Autistic Children Using i-Pads

Autistic Children Using the i-Pad—An English 1A Student’s Research Paper My English 1A class has the lofty goal of using the digital medium to encourage written reflection (in the form of traditional composition) on the digital and print media.  This … Continue reading

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A Teacher’s Family Christmas Letter, by Jeff Goldthorpe

Another family Christmas letter, supposed to show you, show me really, I do have it all But it’s January 5, 2012, and I can’t finish grading those compositions— Fell behind my usual end of semester’s behindness, Caught a cold day … Continue reading

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My Purpose

My name is Jeff Goldthorpe. This blog will consist of reflective writing about teaching, mostly about media literacy teaching, and is aimed at peers who are doing similar teaching and reflection.  For the moment, I will post on a monthly … Continue reading

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